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Leaders Gone Wild

Over the past week and a half I have seen and heard things from  leaders that have left me shaking my head  and laughing out loud.  Anyone in a leadership position has a huge task whether it’s running a company, leading a nation, running a school or even leading in the classroom.  I am sure we can all rattle off the characteristics we believe strong leaders have.  I know I have had the privilegeleadersgonewild in my work and private life to learn from and be mentored by some of the best and unfortunately to also witness the blunders and bullying of some who were totally ineffective.

Last week I sat in a meeting and literally watched a leader unravel  while trying to use fear to motivate his team to perform responsibilities and duties with fidelity. This attempt to prove that he was the boss infuriated and isolated many members of his team.  What amazed me the most was how irate this person became when their subordinates began pointing out flaws and offering possible solutions to fix a new policy that was to be instituted effective immediately. …Then  Snowstorm2014 hit Atlanta and I watched  the city’s mayor make the same fatal mistake .  Arrogance , anger, and emotional rants never strengthens your reputation as a leader.

When I came across the following tweet in my twitter feed: Your job gives you authority. Your behavior gives you respect ” Irwin Federman .   I instantly thought now this sums it all up.  I know as educators we are often critical of those who are our immediate supervisors but we must  take time to  reflect on our own leadership everyday in our classrooms.  How are we motivating our students ? What kind of classroom environment are we creating?  Do our students walk away from our classes with the same distaste for us as we do when our Leaders go wild?

I will leave you with this powerful quote I read yesterday from Dan Rockwell.  “If you have to demand respect then you are not respectable.”


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