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What Happens When The Teacher’s Desk Disappears?

Is your desk in the way?

Northern Art Teacher

Necessity is the mother of invention… or imitation.   This semester, I have a couple of large classes, so I wanted to make some changes to accommodate my students. Inspiration to rid my classroom of my desk came from a video on TVO’s Learning 2030 series, entitled “The Classroom of 2030″.  In it, Rick McCleary talks about the shift from a teacher-to-student-centred environment.

Over the years, the teacher’s desk in my room has become a bit of a hurdle.  It’s too big.  Students throw their stuff on it, thinking they have submitted their work.  I throw my stuff on it, thinking I’m going to organize it later (which hardly ever happens).  It began to develop nicknames:  the Abyss, the Bermuda Triangle, the Black Hole….

The desk-hurdle problem also prevented me from taking advantage of connections between class design and potential productivity.   Teaching for Artistic Behaviour focuses on…

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