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2014 ISIS Tour: Connecting Transformational Leaders for Holistic Education


The 2014 IERN Sharpens Iron Summit (ISIS) Tour is designed to galvanize around working systems –that support holistic transformation in the markets of education, housing, community enrichment, and social entrepreneurship. This tour will showcase several leadership techniques and extend each brand to a broader audience. It is our confidence that this strategic approach to strengthening relationships and efforts within our community will empower its citizens and create an eco-system of change.

As tenacious educator, LaToya Williams delivers a captivating presentation to sponsoring the cure to the educational deficiencies in our curriculums. Her innovative approach to the engineering and design process create a learning experience like no other.

In order to generate a congressional response, this assignment will require the support of all the stakeholders in the community. We seek to engage youth, parents, teachers, change leaders, and faith-based initiatives within the local community –as our target audience. With your help…

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