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How to Choose A Quality Private School

The first step in choosing the right school for your scholar begins with research.   School rankings, websites, test data privateschooland  reviews are all  a part of the process but not the most important.  The first and most important place to begin is with the needs of your child.  Remember your child is not a widgit.  What works for the Smith family won’t necessarily work for your child.  Fight the urge to also get swept up in the glitz and glam of the appearance of quality or fitting into the social status quo of being able to say my child attends….. You never want to pay college tuition rates for a sub par education.

Blogger Robert Kennedy of Private School Review provides the following tips for parents :

1. The schools
You can research most private schools efficiently by exploring their web sites. Information about what they teach, how they teach it and how much they charge for their services is usually published on their web sites. As you do your research, make notes on your spreadsheet or database. After reviewing 30 or 40 private school web sites, the schools and all those facts tend to blur together. Use our Checklist for Comparing Schools to keep track of your data.
2. Private School Review and Boarding School Review
  [These sites] have been designed to help you see at a glance how private schools compare in all the critical areas which matter to us parents. Numbers of students and faculty, numbers of students in each grade level, special programs, religious affiliation, number of Advanced Placement Courses, athletics offer, extracurricular activities, tuition information and much more data are available.
3. Educational consultants
As you have probably realized by now, the data available about private schools is not aggregated in any one publicly and conveniently accessible area. Gathering it is a tedious process. This is one more reason why you should consider hiring an educational consultant. An experienced consultant has facts and figures at his fingertips. He also has the contacts to get the information which you need quickly. Based on his knowledge of your child and her requirements he can make recommendations about which schools will be a good fit for her.

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