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Does Money Matter?

Eighteen years ago on a wonderful Spring day in 1996 I graduated from college excited about the future.  I was a bright-eyed, young , novice educator with a dream of changing the world one child at a time.  My mother was a school teacher , so I clearly understood that entering the teaching profession was not going to place me on the Forbes 500 list .  Like many young adults I left college in debt but I believed that my education was the best investment I could make in myself.  I remember the interviews, the excitement of landing my first job, the disappointment of my first pay check.   I had friends working  in customer service who were being paid more!  After two years of teaching I left the profession and I took a job as a program director for an at risk youth program.  My first six months were so stellar  that by summer I was able to walk into the Executive Director’s office and request the salary I desired and it was access granted. (Now an interesting side note is this , the hourly wage my current employer extends for summer work or extended day teaching doesn’t come close.)  I enjoyed the experience , working with the staff,  networking with community and state agencies, but I missed being in the classroom.  After a stellar year of playing the clean up woman and turning around a  failing youth program; I decided to go back to my first love, teaching.  Eighteen years later I am still here. Recently I read an article written by Muhammed Nadeem for Education News  which caused me to ask myself the question does money matter?  The answer you ask? It certainly does.  Just last week one of my coworkers, who is in his second year of teaching , said ” I came into this profession from the corporate arena and I have never given so much of myself and received so little; it’s draining.”  Unfortunately , many quality educators will not be attracted to our profession or retained as teachers while we are made the poster child of failure  for America’s “Apartheid Education” Agenda.


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